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I love you LibreTranslate and we use it to power translations on our Mastodon instance.

However, switching to it from DeepL to translate for business is out of the question (for the moment).

Here’s an example of a production from German to English:


Degust the fine drops while the boat gently drives in the middle of the “Rhineish Amazon” …


Taste the fine wines while the boat floats gently in the middle of the “Rhenish Amazon” …

Original in German:

Degustieren Sie die feinen Tropfen, w√§hrend das Boot sanft inmitten des “rheinischen Amazonas” treibt

While technically not totally incorrect, a boat doesn’t “drive” and I never have “degusted” wines. Also, DeepL seems to understand the context and tonality of the whole translation while LT does seem to do a purely technical sentence-to-sentence translation as if they were isolated.

But still, LT is huge given that it is totally libre.

#libretranslate #deepl #translation

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