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Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

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It breaks my heart 💔 to see the way the Fediverse is discussing the issues arising from some FOSS projects like #Hyprland, #NixOS, and now the #Ladybird project. The divisiveness and lack of empathy in these discussions is truly sickening.

Our enemies are not individuals who spend their entire free time to contribute to FOSS and make mistakes along the way, but corporations and unhinged capitalism that take away our freedoms.

Let’s resist the urge to condemn entire projects based on the actions or decisions of individual contributors. It’s counterproductive. The beauty of this space is that we have the opportunity to engage in factual, nuanced, and compassionate discussions about these challenges. There’s room for diverse perspectives and healthy debate here.

Isn’t that what should set us apart from the toxicity and polarization found on platforms like X/Twitter? We’re better than that.

The world is not binary. Just because someone isn’t pro-something doesn’t mean they’re anti-something. And not being interested in a particular topic, how important it might be, doesn’t make someone subject to be “purged”. Life is complex and multifaceted, and we all have our own priorities and experiences that shape our views.

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7) This verse serves as a guiding principle for me, and I believe it should be a cornerstone of any progressive community.

#FOSS #Fediverse

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