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Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

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Damn! I have to write a lot of ETL code today (JSON import, transformation, storing in database etc.) in Go. Now, I must admit that Copilot is writing most of the code for me by now. Over the course of the last few days it seems to have learned quite a bit about my coding style.

This thing is really good at “magically” knowing how to create Go types and funcs from a JSON data model that I have open in another buffer. It proposes full code blocks, not just line by line.

I’m still skeptical but for this kind of coding tasks, Copilot is just a big time saver. It really feels like a second programmer working with me.

I’m not worried that Copilot will replace developers. But as a solo dev, it really helps to get the boring coding tasks done much faster and have time for more interesting problems.

What times we live in!

#Copilot #AI #programming

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