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Gee, my post from yesterday about the #Mastodon multi-instance diversity issue clearly found its way into the #fediverse 🚀

Obviously I hit a sensitive nerve, very much to my surprise. Constructive dialogue and diverse perspectives are crucial for building a welcoming and inclusive community. And I appreciate all the responses I got so far.

Mastodon as a part of the the Fediverse inherits its values like inclusivity, privacy, and decentralization. However, as with any online platform owned and controlled by a single entity (I avoid the legal term “Corporation” for now), it is prone to echo chambers and exclusionary practices. Signs of that we see with the recent release of the official Mastodon iOS App. By engaging in conversations about instance diversity and advocating for inclusivity, we all help to shape the culture of Mastodon and make it a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. Today and in the future.

Let’s work together to build a social network that reflects the best of what the internet can be: a place where diverse voices can come together to share ideas, learn from each other, and build connections across differences.

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