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So this night&morning I could see quite a lot activity re: the new features from the Glitch edition. Some reflection:

  1. It looks like your theme settings got overwritten by the new Glitch default (light). The new theme adds support for some features like threaded replies, you might already have seen the difference. You can manually set the dark theme again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. It takes a while to discover all the little differences in the web UI, but I like most of them, they make using Masotodon a little more straightforward. The only unfortunate default was the Collapsed toots, I hope you all found the settings to disable these by now.

  3. A very useful feature is the malicous links indicator. Next to every shortened link you should see the real domain it leads to. Helps to figure out if the link is legit or not.

  4. Markdown/HTML formatting are great but keep in mind that formatting gets stripped out of the toot when displayed in most 3rd party clients, like mastodon.el and mobile apps. Consider your target audience when using formatting.

  5. Advanced polls (more options, multi select) !

  6. Try the new Doodle function by clicking on the paperclip and then Draw something. Sometimes a little drawing is better than 1000 words 🙂

I hope you all enjoy or are at least unaffected by the Glitch release. Please DM me if you need support.

A good documentation about all the additional features incl. screenshots is available here:

You all have a good day! 🚀​

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