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Software developer #Go #CommonLisp #JS #SQL. #LispWorks user. Soft spots for #Emacs #SmallWeb. Recently becoming #OpenBSD enthusiast.

Other hobbies: #Running #FireFighter #StarTrek
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The transfer of all media to S3 has been completed successfully.

Everything appears fine to me. Let me know if you still see any broken images.

All media (profile images, attachments, images and videos, custom emojis etc.) now reside on an S3 bucket at Scaleway, Amsterdam region.

If you have any suggestions where to find better [as in “aligned to our mission / operated by small businesses”] S3 storage, let me know!

Background: my original plan was to keep everything on the server and expand on disk space after a while. It turned out that I had to decrease the media retention time for remote posts over and over. Increasingly I stumbled over posts where the preview images were gone.

Thanks to S3, I could increase media retention up to 30 days. Depending on the actual storage usage I’ll increase that even more.

Reminder: the media you post is always safe and will never be deleted unless you (auto-)delete your posts yourself.


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