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Software developer #Go #CommonLisp #JS #SQL. #LispWorks user. Soft spots for #Emacs #SmallWeb. Recently becoming #OpenBSD enthusiast.

Other hobbies: #Running #FireFighter #StarTrek
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Procrastinated for weeks on writing a technical concept for [a system] for a client - with all the knowledge basically already in my head.

After pressure got to a point where I could barely finish it in time and ran out of anything else I should rather do and finally started working on it, I even find pleasure in getting it done! 🤔​

Procrastination is a rather daily issue for me (probably the very reason why this Mastodon instance exists 😎​). Yet, in our society [more specifically: in my country], I see that this issue is rarely addressed and methods and skills are not taught to deal with this.

Are you impacted by this, too? Which techniques have you found to manage it? What are your thoughts: is procrastination a symptom, a disorder, a character trait or just plain laziness?

#procrastination #personality #selfimprovement

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