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2nd session with Prot today. :emacs:‚Äč

We laid the foundation for the custom transient menus I’ll now start to build up while I work with Emacs.

We also looked at some issues with source blocks in Org mode, because some functionality doesn’t work and keybindings are messed up in there if you don’t “open” them in a separate buffer so they have their major mode activated (C-c ').

I’m now not so sure if I want to continue with literal config in Org mode, but remains to be seen.

We talked about packages and the new package-vc-install command in Emacs 29 which allows direct installation of packages from Git.

Unfortunately an hour is only an hour and so we had to postpone undo-tree (which I use currently) vs vundo for one of the next sessions.

Our task list is getting longer and longer and my love for #Emacs is only growing.

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