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4th session with Prot today. :emacs:

(I almost overslept, woke up 10 minutes before. Prot probably thought I was having a bad hair day.)

If you are following this, please consider trying out his services for your own needs:

Or, if you use any of Prot’s excellent packages or themes, consider donating if you can:

So let’s start.

Today we setup Denote and went through some of its main features. What I like about it:

(#)+BEGIN: denote-backlinks

By executing this block the backlinks are automatically inserted into the note. You have to put this in your config to make this work:

(require ‘denote-org-dblock)

While doing this we discovered that global-emojify-mode interfered with minibuffer completions so that Emacs always froze for a few seconds when starting a consult-find. We found it out by using the amazing Emacs profiler (profiler-start). So if you experience this, consider turning on emojify-mode selectively.

In our next session we’ll talk about “Organizing with notes” on a non-technical level. Prot will share some of his experiences, because I’m notoriously disorganized.

Note: I do not receive any benefits by posting about this.

#Prot #Denote #Emacs

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