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Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

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If you dare to use the Fediblock hash tag, you better have a very good reason to do so. A disagreement in opinion is not it.

Prove your point by providing links to whole conversions and not just screenshots with fragments of a post you didn’t like to see.

You can always block or mute users you don’t like to see, there is rarely a reason for full instance blocks.

The Fediverse has suffered enough from senseless calls to Fediblock, putting instance admins into an impossible position, especially when they have hundreds of users who have nothing to do with a single conversion you didn’t like to see.

You don’t nuke a whole village because there is a single citizen misbehaving, do you?

Calling for a Fediblock with a lack of evidence of repeated instance owner failure is damaging the whole Fediverse. Trust is very hard to build and easily destroyed.


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