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I’m sure that I’m late to the party but I recently discovered the Onyx language project:


I’ve played around a bit with it. It’s a language that compiles to WASM and can run on Wasmer or its own native Wasm runtime with full debugging support on the server (or in the browser).

It has manual memory management with the Allocator/Arena-pattern, safe-null operators, a decentralised package manager. Stdlib and official packages already offer a lot of stuff incl. a http client and server, json support, raylib bindings etc.

It’s simple, has a somewhat C/Go-like syntax but more consistent in that values and functions are bound to symbols, enums, unions and Result/Option types instead of try/catch.

It also features a language server and brings an Emacs onyx-mode with its distribution. Also a VSCode extension with full LSP support.

If you like playing with languages, give it a try. According to its creator, it has been in development for three years and feels already very stable.

#onyx #onyxlang #programming #programminglanguages

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