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Software developer #Go #CommonLisp #JS #SQL. #LispWorks user. Soft spots for #Emacs #SmallWeb. Recently becoming #OpenBSD enthusiast.

Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

Other hobbies: #Running #FireFighter #StarTrek
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When companies complain that the Fediverse just doesn’t work out for them as a medium to reach their target groups, they haven’t realized that the culture here is different.

Users don’t want to be spammed with ads every hour. And they don’t want to see the same post re-boosted over and over again (…fsf cough…).

The memory muscles here are much stronger and posts usually carry at least some interesting, news-/noteworthy personal information. Which is why we are here in the first place.

Those which do, already experience how fruitful a direct and personal connection to existing or potential clients can be.

Maybe you can educate your company?

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