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No need to fear AI, yet:

fastgpt > Is there a simpler alternative to Varnish?

Based on the context provided, there are a few alternatives to Varnish that are mentioned as being simpler:

  1. Linseed oil is mentioned in item 5 as a natural and ecological alternative to varnish for protecting wood, without requiring complex surface preparation.[1]

  2. Cloudfront is discussed in item 3 as being the most similar AWS product to Varnish, and potentially a simpler option for smaller shops.[2]

  3. Spirit-soluble varnish without an isolation coat is suggested in item 1 as a simple protective option compared to traditional varnish.[3]

So in summary, linseed oil, Cloudfront, and spirit-soluble varnish without isolation are presented as potential simpler alternatives to Varnish for certain use cases.

Me: OK, I’ll just install Linseed oil instead ;-)

#gpt #ai

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