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Software developer #Go #CommonLisp #JS #SQL. #LispWorks user. Soft spots for #Emacs #SmallWeb. Recently becoming #OpenBSD enthusiast. #LinuxMint as a daily driver. Recovering Apple addict.

Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

Other hobbies: #Running #FireFighter #StarTrek
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Here at Emacs.ch we run an experimental side instance [1] based on Snac2 [2], which is a Mastodon-compatible Fediverse server written in C, runs completly file-based and features a zero-JS UI.

It doesn’t have many of the fancy features of Mastodon, but is a bright example of how a super-minimal system can do the job very well. It’ll also work with your mobile Mastodon apps and small browsers like Dillo[3].

It runs on OpenBSD and we accept a few more testers. There is no automatic sign-up, so if you are interested, DM me with the desired account name and I’ll send you the credentials.

[1] https://snac.emacs.ch
[2] https://codeberg.org/grunfink/snac2
[3] https://dillo-browser.github.io

#snac2 #openbsd #dillo

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