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Author of the Tuner app for Linux.

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I jumped ship and hopped over to the Linux Mint crowd. I used Pop_OS for ~3 months and it was an overall good experience on my ThinkPad X1 Gen 8.

But I always liked the Cinnamon desktop as I have used Mint for over a year before. And I didn’t want to be part of the Rust-based re-invented desktop experience (COSMIC) driven by a company. Ultimately I believe that Linux is and should continue to be a community effort. Also, there were some minor annoyances (like the Pop_OS store eating up 1.2 GB of RAM all the time even when it is not running, an issue System76 is aware of for quite a while). And also, Snap.

If feels good to be back to a trusted distro whose maintainers generally make the right decisions (i.e. removing Snap).

Let’s see how long it will last ;-)


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